A Class III intensive cultural resource survey was conducted on a CBM planning block in the Powder River Basin. The 2740-acre project area consisted of 2260 acres of new survey plus 480 acres of previously surveyed block. Fifty cultural localities are within the project area — 34 sites (13 prehistoric, 15 historic, 4 dual period, 2 of unknown age) and 16 isolates (12 prehistoric, 1 historic, 3 unknown). The 34 sites include prehistoric lithic scatters, campsites, and tipi rings, historic herder camps, homesteads, rock alignments, rock cairns, irrigation ditches, ranch facilities, and tin strips and discs. A rock pile site and a possible defensive site are of unknown age. Six sites (48CA5638, 48CA5644, 48CA5649, 48CA5658, 48CA5660, and 48CA5661) are considered significant, and avoidance or alternatively additional archeological work is recommended. It presently appears that all significant sites with the exception of 48CA5638 and 48CA5649 will be avoided by direct construction. It is recommended that the 11WP-27 road and utility corridor be moved 100 feet southeast to avoid 48CA5638 and that the SS7C-35 and SS7WP-35 drill sites be moved east 50 feet and the site boundary fenced to avoid 48CA5649. Four sites (48CA3253, 48CA5642, 48CA5650, and 48CA5655) and two isolates (IF 6578-58 and IF6578-66), all evaluated as nonsignificant, are within the APE and probably will be impacted by proposed construction. Four sites (48CA5639, 48CA5647, 48CA5651, and 48CA5677) and one isolate (IF 6578-83), all evaluated as nonsignificant, are near planned construction areas but probably will not be impacted. All other cultural localities are more than 100 feet from planned construction areas and will not be impacted by actions as currently planned. All cultural localities but the six sites listed above are considered nonsignificant, and no further work is recommended. Cultural clearance is also recommended for the remainder of the survey area.